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This season of VH1's Basketball Wives has been full of drama - and it's about to have even more tonight.

MTO News got a sneak peak into tonight's episode, and in it - Kristin will reveal that Cece has been talking mess about her "best friend" OG behind her back.

And it's not just any old talk - CeCe is being vicious towards her friend, calling her "ugly" and saying that she is really "a man."

This season CeCe and OG have become best friends, and OG has stepped up to defend her BFF, even almost coming to blows on her behalf.

But it turns out that CeCe wasn't as good of a friend as she appeared to be. Just a few months earlier, CeCe texted her THEN friend Kristin - and said the disparaging remarks about OG.

Oh, and Kristin saved the text messages and provided them to  show as receipts!

It's not clear how OG will respond - once she learns about the stuff CeCe said . . . 

Here are the receipts that Kristen has:


It seems like there are a lot of double standards going on with the girls this season...Shaunie said on last week's episode that OG’s “aggression” is driving a wedge between her and everything else. So, all the times Tami attempted to beat the breaks off someone, all the time Evelyn has run across tables and also attempted to beat the breaks off someone, Jackie has actually fought and attempted to fight, Malaysia threw a dang table at Jenn, but OG, who has actually never attempted violence, simply speaking about violence while defending herself, is scaring them?