BANG BROS Just Signed African American HIGH SCHOOL BOY . . . To Exclusive Contract!! (PICS)

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The adult film company Bang Bros just signed a HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR to an exclusive contract. And before you ask, YES it is legal.

The young man is 18 year old Lil D - who has already filmed 8 scenes. 

The young teen is from NYC and he's already become a HUGE STAR in his community. Here's what the website AVN is reporting:

“Everyone at my school knows. My teachers know and I didn’t even tell them,” LiL D says. “I don’t care what anybody’s saying. I ain’t even worried about all that.”

The 5-foot-8, 150-pound performer, who was born in Harlem, says he watched his share of porn before breaking into the business.

“I would just go on Pornhub and see if I can find a busty-ass Latina, and if I couldn’t find one there I’d go to BangBros. That’s how I would get it done,” LiL D says. “That’s my go-to; I love Latinas.”

LiL D says even though he recognizes some of his co-stars when he arrives on set from his numerous late nights watching porn, he keeps his cool.

“I’m not all thirsty when I meet them. I give them space. I already know we gonna work together. I just say 'what’s up' and go outside and chill and wait until it’s time to do the scene,” he explains.

Lil D signed a 6 month exclusive contract. He's going to make 6-figures over the life of the agreement.

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