Baltimore Police OFFICERS Shoot Black Woman . . . And Her 5-Year-Old Boy . . . Then DELETE ALL THE FACEBOOK VIDEOS Showing The Incident!! (It Looks Like MURDER - #BlackLivesMatter)


A disturbing incident is coming out of Baltimore - a city where five cops were EXONERATED after callously murdering a teenager named Freddie Grey.

Yesterday Baltimore police sent the SWAT TEAM to a resident's house - because the resident had UNPAID PARKING TICKETS. Yeah, the SWAT TEAM over parking tickets.

What happened next is not clear - but the story looks VERY SUSPICIOUS. What is clear is that police SHOT and KILLED the woman who lived at the residence, 23-year-old Korryn Gaines. They also SHOT her 5-year-old son in the chest.

The official story from the police is that Korryn pulled a gun on them. But there is little evidence backing up that claim.

In fact, Korryn took multiple FACEBOOK VIDEOS of the incident. But after she was killed, police reportedly went on her phone, and DELETED ALL OF THE VIDEOS showing what happened.

Also, none of the officers at the incident had their body cameras turned on.

Here is an eerie video that Korryn took before officers killed her, and shot her son: