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Bad Boy Rapper Black Robb: I'm Broke Because Of Child Support - I Need Help!!

Bad Boy rapper Black Robb claims that he's struggling financially, and needs help.

MTO News learned that Black Robb came to Connecticut's #1 rap show BARS ON I-95, to discuss his rap career and had a lot to say - some good . . . and some NOT SO GOOD.


Black Rob was signed to Diddy's Bad Boy Records for nearly a decade, and is best known for his hit song "Whoa."

Well according to him, he's not doing too well these days because of child support. 

Black Robb explained, "I'm still under pressure. It might not seem like it [but] a n*gg* is under pressure." He then added, "I need help man." Saying further "I get money but the child support is slaying me. I can't even live my life! I'm supposed to be poppin..."

Black Robb is now 52 years old, and the father of four children, Kayli, Rianna, Diamond, and Million.

Black Robb has had other setbacks as well. Five years ago, he suffered a mild stroke, likely due to high blood pressure.


He has since recovered, and in April 2015, said he was feeling better after adopting a healthier lifestyle, in which he gave up drinking and began eating better. "I had to change my health regimen and how I eat. That's it. I'm exercising and trying to keep it up," said Rob. "I don't drink no more."

Here's the fill video - LINK