Babysitters Go On LIVE . . . ABUSE 1 Yr Old With TASER . . . BEAT The Child!! (Graphic VIDEO)

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Police in Conway, Arkansas arrested three teenage babysitters after the girls posted videos on Snapchat - of them TERRORIZING a 1-year-old with a Taser, and then beating the poor child.

The teens were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.

The mother of the child was alerted to the video and confronted the mother of the babysitter. Police said in a report that the first Snap was accompanied by text that read, "I'm dying" with a laughing emoji. The baby is sitting quietly on the bed when the zap of the Taser can be heard. The baby then tries to reach out for help to one of the other girls, who ignores her. Then, the Taser is zapped again, this time in view of the camera, the report said.

The baby is "visibly terrified" and begins crying, according to the report. As the baby's arms are outstretched for help, police said that the teen with the Taser walks around to the end of the bed and zaps the Taser in the baby's direction as the video ends.

The second video shows the babysitters holding up a phone to the baby's face - with the caption, "She so mean."

The third video shows a girl sitting behind the baby doing her hair. Then another girl yells out, "I didn't get it." The girl behind the baby, who is sitting calmly, then SNAPS - and hits the poor baby on the back of the head. The baby then starts crying loudly.

The caption on the third HORRIFYING video read, "She a bully, but I'm dying" and the crying with laughter emoji. The video then shows the girl who was filming covering her mouth and "laughing hysterically."

Here is the graphic video: