Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, has revealed that she once accidentally sexted her mom a topless selfie.

"I was away from my other half for a few days. But we are very much in love, and I love sleeping next to him," she said on the Paul O'Grady Show.

"We are together all the time. So I decided that I would send a mucky text. A cheeky text. A sext. I did a little selfie with the boobies. I did have a bra on. But I did a sleazy kind of little selfie and a 'Miss you' and 'Wish you...' and sent it to my mother."

She continued: "Luckily, I speak to my mum ten times a day, and we are the best of friends. She has got a great sense of humor, but I was mortified."

The lucky man who was should have received the selfie was former boy band member, Jade Jones. The pair first started dating 21 years ago.