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Rapper Freddie Gibbs' baby's mother went on Twitter yesterday, and made some explosive claims against him.

The popular rapper's baby's mother took to social media, and accused Freddie of not being in his son's life because he "was mad," a standard complaint.

Then she took things a little further, accusing Freddie of "sending n*ggas to kill [her] and [her] son."

Here are the tweets:


Freddie is a rapper from Gary, Indiana. Gibbs that signed with Interscope Records in 2006 - where he recorded a debut album. But Gibbs was eventually dropped from the label after its management changed and his album went unreleased. 

Since then, he has released one studio album, one collaborative album, and numerous EPs and mixtapes. 

His rumored second studio album, Eastside Slim, was due for release in 2014, but never released. His actual second studio album was released in 2015, titled Shadow Of A Doubt.

Critics have recognized Gibbs' technically proficient and stylistically diverse rapping ability. He was featured on the Max Payne 3 official soundtrack and the NBA 2K12 official soundtrack, the Sleeping Dogs soundtrack, and more recently on the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack.