Just when you thought that the Love And Hip Hop drama among the members of B2K was over - there’s more.

On the new season of Love & Hip Hop, the reality show will explore the new relationship between B2K background singer Lil Fizz and his band mate Omarion’s baby’s mother Apryl.

According to multiple reports, Apryl is currently pregnant with Lil Fizz's child. She already has two children by Omarion.

But now it turns out that Apryl is not the first girl that Fizz stole from Omarion.

Fizz baby’s mother Moniece spilled the tea. She claims that Lil Fizz also slept with Omarion’s first public girlfriend - actress Jennifer Freeman.

Omarion and Jennifer were the "it" teen couple of the 2000s. The couple dated, made movies together, and Jennifer famously started in the video for the B2K hit song Girlfriend - where she played Omarion’s Girlfriend.

According to Moniece, Lil Fizz has consistently stolen Omarion’s girlfriends. Listen to her: