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B. Smith's Husband: My White Girlfriend 'TOOK OFF' And Left Me All Alone!

Dan Gasby, the husband of legendary entrepreneur B. Smith made news last year after he announced that he had taken on a girlfriend - while his wife was very much alive and struggling with Alzheimer's disease. At the time, MTO News had also received reports that Dan had "moved in" his girlfriend into the home he shared with B. Smith.


After the news broke, Dan received considerable blowback from B. Smith fans but it made little difference to him. Dan responded to fans by saying that he was "happy" with his new lady love and had a "new lease on life."  

Earlier this year, B. Smith passed on and Dan is speaking out about his girlfriend - Alexandra Lerner - who he says dumped him, shortly after B. Smith died. 

Dan claims, during an in-depth interview with Hamptons socialite Jean Shafiroff, that Alex "took off" and left him all alone. When asked about Alex, Dan seemed VERY bitter.

Here's some of what he had to say.

B. Smith, was an American restaurateur, model, author, businesswoman, and television host. She was one of the most well respected Black entrepreneurs in the world - and stunningly gorgeous also.

Before she came down with Alzheimer's B. Smith and Dan were one of the highest-profile Black high-society couples in the world.

To see the full interview, where Dan discusses how he met B and more click HERE