B. Simone To Offer Free Webinar On Copyright Infringement Following Plagiarism Allegations

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Comedian B. Simone is working hard to make lemons into lemonade -- and is offering a free webinar covering several topics including copyright infringement -- after an influencer accused her of stealing content verbatim for her book.

"My glass is always half way FULL never half way empty . How do you see yours? You all got to see me at my lowest moment, but I promise I wont let it break me. And I never EVER want anyone to experience what I did or make the same mistakes I did," she wrote in part.

"Because of that I put together a FREE webinar for young men and women that will be led by industry experts and people who are very knowledgeable in important topics! I've asked them to talk on finances, law, and you guessed, copyright infringement and how not to play yourself. Don't make my mistakes. Learn from my lesson!"

After the allegations, B. Simone apologized, blaming team members and her lack of supervision for the error.