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B.o.B. was the butt of many jokes on social media a few years back when he stated that he believed that the world is flat.

On his BoBcast podcast, the rapper explained why he went so hard to prove that the earth was flat -- despite a plethora of evidence to the contrary.

"I come across a f*cking flat Earth video called Nasa's Hidden Secrets," B.o.B said. "So I clicked on the video, it's a video of Eric Dubay doing an interview and I was listening to it, like man, let me turn this sh*t off. I was finna turn this sh*t off I swear and then I was like, hold on let me see what he is talking about. And so I started listening to the video and I was like, Oh my god, let me do some research."

We're glad he's finally addressing it -- but B.o.B should know better than to believe everything he sees on Youtube.

Watch the episode below.