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Basketball Wives star Laura Govan had an accident with her wardrobe - on her way to the Pretty Little Thing event at Catch in Los Angeles.

Laura was wearing a cute sweatsuit - and no bra underneath.

In order to keep everything inside her clothing, she used tape. Unfortunately for Laura the tape failed on her way to the event.

And the Basketball Wives stars boobs popped out on the red carpet, in front of the paparazzi.

Laura didn't seem to mind though. When the cameras started flashing like crazy, she continued to smile for the cameras.


Just last year Laura and her ex NBA baller Gilbert Areanas were in court. Laura received a shocking defeat as reports at the time said that the judge agreed with Arenas to lower his monthly child support from a reported $20,000 a month to $7,198 after he said his $719,000 a month income went down to zero when he lost his NBA contract. The judge also decided not to compute Arenas’ income from real estate sales and rentals.

Govan and Arenas’ child support battle was laid bare in court docs that were submitted as part of Arenas’ defamation suit against the mother of his four kids. Govan appeared in court back in 2017 for a hearing on exactly how much money she has in order to pay a $110,000 judgment to Arenas after he won a case that accused her of leaking false info to a blog alleging that Arenas infected her with STDs.