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Angelo Clary, the father of R. Kelly's girlfriend and alleged victim Azriel Clary has spoken to TMZ - pleading with her to reach out and return home.

Yesterday, Kelly was denied bond and will be held in custody until his trial for federal sex crimes is over.

"Right now, I'm focused on how do I get her home. They couldn't get her home because of whatever the legal reasons. They couldn't touch her. And that's fine. What I want is my daughter to understand that her family is here. We right here for her," he told the breaking-news outlet. 

His plea comes just days after the family of Joycelyn Savage confronted Kelly's crisis manager Darrell Johnson during a press conference following Kelly's arrest last week.

Since then, there have been reports that the ladies have been running low on funds as some of Kelly's staffers have bailed after he was detained.

"I want her to know that she don't need to call around. She put out something about needing money. She won't have to worry about that. Her family will support her all the way, especially me. I want her to know that if it comes down to it if she needs her own space, that she knows I would provide that for her. I would get a place for her and [Joycelyn] if that's what it need be until we are able to open up communication and allow them to understand that we, not the enemy. The only thing we want them to understand [is that] we love our children. And when they have children one day, they gon' understand what it took for us to fight this hard just to have a communication."