The father of Azriel Clary has weighed in on his daughter's shocking fight with Joycelyn Savage, which streamed live on social media.

"I just want to let everybody know that this sh*t is not no game- what none of these girls been through. And I think people worry more about they channels and getting they storylines out than telling the truth…listen, my daughter got a life outside this f*ckin' YouTube sh*t," Angelo Clary said in a video.

"And everybody trying to bring an exclusive and all this- that sh*t need to be turned the f*ck down. 'Cause some of this sh*t is a bunch of lies that some these people just puttin' sh*t out.Y'all gon' hear straight from my daughter when she ready to open her mouth to the world and speak…y' all don't have to go to nobody else channel," he continued.

It's not clear exactly who he is referring to, but a popular Youtube blogger hopped on her channel the day of the brawl, to give a scoop about the brawl. The vlogger revealed that Azriel had been talking to and meeting with her brother secretly for weeks and that Azriel is already cooperating with the feds in their case against Kelly.

"Y'all gon' get it right here from me. They don't give a f*ck 'bout nothing to do with people's safety or none of this. I don't know if they think this a game or this about news, but people feelings involved. A lot of people hurt behind this sh*t. Families hurt. We hurt. Cities hurt- my city hurt. It's a lot of things hurtin' right now." He continued, "These girls been through a traumatizing situation- especially, even the situation with Joy. She has been through something…This dude f*cked these girls up. And that's the d*mn truth. That's the truth of the matter. Then they runnin' around talkin' sh*t about my daughter. That's fine! Y'a'llY’a'll can say what you want, but ain't nobody been through that experience but her. Nobody been through that experience but Joy. Nobody been through that experience but Halle, and the rest of these young girls."