Azriel Clary, one of R. Kelly's alleged victims and current girlfriend, hopped on Twitter to share recent photographs of herself.

The new pics were captioned, "Say, Less," possibly in response to Kelly's other girlfriend, Joycelyn Clary, who surprised supporters by admitting that she was in an abusive relationship with Kelly.

Check out the new pics of Azriel living her best life below.

Earlier this year, both ladies sat down with Gayle King for an interview, where they both said Kelly never abused them and did not begin a relationship with them until they were adults. They also shot down their parents' claims that Kelly had lured them with promises to make them a star.

Over the weekend, Joycelyn appeared to back up the statements from her parents writing that Kelly had promised to turn her into the next Aaliyah, who he allegedly wed when she was just 15.