Azriel Clary Flaunts Her Curves For The Gram

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Azriel Clary, the alleged victim and former girlfriend of disgraced singer R. Kelly, took to Instagram to flaunt her curves on a deserted beach.

"I was wishin on a star, when I was that," she captioned the post.

Clary left Kelly's clutches at the end of 2019 after being lured away from her family when she was just 17 years old.

Azriel has been online purging about her time with Kelly in an effort to heal herself, but after tearing up a jacket of Kelly's that she held onto last week, Kelly's attorney's tried to use the video as an excuse for him to be released from jail.

His attorneys wrote, "it would be impossible for Mr. Kelly to engage in any obstructive behavior regarding this individual. She has, since leaving Mr. Kelly, created a active, for-profit, social media presence, requesting individuals to subscribe to her Instagram and YouTube channels, where she regularly speaks of how awful he was."