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Earlier this month, a video was leaked online showing the former girlfriend and alleged victim of R. Kelly, Azriel Clary, reveal that the disgraced singer had in the past made her eat her own feces.

A follower asked how she felt about it all, and she replied, "I don't support it," she wrote. "Nor do I support someone who records and leaks someone unwillingly saying the most degrading humiliating thing that should never be publicized just to get a documentary sold."

"He has a video of me -- he made me do this video, actually-- doing a No. 2 in a cup and then eating it out of a cup," Clary said in a clip of her which appeared to show her speaking to a federal agent on the phone. A clip was also shown in her upcoming documentary trailer, of Kelly pleading and crying on the phone to her.

We're just so glad she managed to break free.