Female rapper, and admitted voodoo priestess, Azealia Banks has come out with a few predictions that she claims will take place over the next few years.

Some of her predictions are uncontroversial, while others are explosive.

One prediction that has people talking, is about Princess Meghan Markle. According to Azealia, Meghan will be killed in a car crash in two years.

Azealia also says that Jay Z and Beyonce will divorce in 2026, Naomi Campbell will marry British royalty and give birth to a royal child, and that podcaster Joe Budden will come out of the closet as a gay man.

Here is her full list of predictions:

-Chris Martin is going to go solo in 2022. It will be some billy idol shit. We will LIVE for it.

-Kim divorces Kanye in 2026.

-Yahndi releases in 2026. a milestone in humanity's effort to contact and/or harness 'GOD' . Kanye FINALLY Has his spiritual breakthrough.

-"KOREA" : N/S korea finally unite after decades of fighting (2027)

-Korean society produces Asia's answer to Elon Musk (2024)

-Beyonce and Jay-Z begin "open relationship" (2024)

-Joe Budden comes out of the closet (2022)

-Beyonce Beats Gwentyth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian in race to become America's Next Martha Stewart (2026)

-GOOP company value reaches ltrillion dollars (2029)

-Elizabeth Warren wins 2020 election.

-Joan Smalls becomes this generation's great black supermodel

-Naomi Campbell marries into British royalty. A MUCH younger duke or an earl. (2023)

-Naomi Campbell gives birth to royal child . A milestone in women's culture regarding ageism x child rearing. Manic black girls rejoice (2025)

-Meghan Markle killed in Car Crash. (2022)

-Prince Harry moves back to England (2021)

-Queen Elizabeth II dies (2023)

-Beyonce divorces Jay-Z (2026)

-Diddy & Steve Stoute hired by S.Korean government to oversee cultural exports (2023)

-"The New York Knicks" become a national relic, A La "The Chicago Bulls" (2028)

-Cure for Parkinson's disease (2024)