Azealia Banks To Doja Cat: You're Fat & Disgusting!!

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Azealia Banks made headlines for digging up her dead cat, seemingly cooking it and then sharing the images on social media -- creeping a lot of people out... but the rapper also took a swipe at pop star Doja Cat.


"F*ck all this body positive bullsh*t, this is disgusting," she said. "Doja, you look fat and you look disgusting. No! This is disgusting. This is pre-diabetic, bitch! Disgusting. It's crazy how China is like playing a joke in America's faces. Like let's get booty, let's get wigs, light skin and Americans will eat it up."

She continued, "This is terrible. Doja, you're fat."

Dija wasn't the only female artist to get body-shamed by Azealia. She also took time out to slam Megan Thee Stallion.

"Megan you need to be stopped right in your tracks sis," wrote Banks in the caption of a one-minute video. She then ripped into Meg's body while watching her 2020 BET Awards performance last June.