Azealia Banks To Busta Rhymes: You Take Steroids & Do Molly!!


It's been a while since rapper Azealia Banks went off on another rapper, and this time it's Busta Rhymes who faces her wrath as she called him a "fat steroid neck son of a b*tch" on social media.

"Y'all don't get that I seek none of these n*ggas out. [They] beg me to come to the studio then be on the internet reading blogs like b*tches & wanna play politics" she wrote on Instagram Stories.

"This n*gga BEGS me to stay to do some dumb ass Beyonce remix (he never paid me for) Then wanna play politics like he can't associate as if anyone wants to work a 47year old 'roid head who still takes molly," she continued.

Busta has not responded to Azealia but it's clear that she had beef with him. He now joins a growing list of rappers who Azealia has taken issue with, including, T.I., Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj.