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Rapper Azealia Banks continues to give her unwarranted opinion on things which have nothing to do with her and commented under a makeup artist's photo shoot of Kim Kardashian, telling him he needs to lighten her skin.

Azealia told Mario Dedivanovic:

“Not even trying to be weird but I think her skin needs to be lightened tremendously for this campaign and in general. The version of Kim Kardashian I like is the white version. I think the KKW team in general has lost the plot as far as K’s original appeal being due to her proximity to American waspiness and upper-crust *lighter skinned* Arab/middle eastern beauty standards. The reason American fell in love with Kim is because it was able to have a black(ish) woman without actually having to deal with a black woman.”

Azealia has no problem with lightening skin. She has been very open about her skin-bleaching journey and has even sold her own bleaching products online to her fans.

She continued:

“All this black-up you guys put on her makes her less appealing to me. A dark skinned white woman does not equal a light skinned black woman and quite frankly I think she’s got access to too much Amazing high world art fashion sh*t to still be tanning like a low level European escort. Everything doesn’t always have to give snail trail for Kim at this point. Snail trail meaning contemporary p*ssy on the Instagram platter . The white gurl turned video vixen trend is tired. Tell Kim to give the girls blissful carefree white American woman fantasy on the aesthetic and really get her Martha Stewart corporate fish on … and then buy cheapyxo lol.”

Was she serious, or just trolling?