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The buzz from Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio episode is still ongoing, and rapper Azealia Banks hopped onto her social media, accusing Nicki Minaj of being "evil" and "coked up."

Azealia shared a picture of Nicki and Megan Thee Stallion together via her Instagram stories, and wrote:

"Nicki so evil she got meg drunk on purpose so she looks wild in the photo/video plus is WILD COKED.... ugh Nicki is so damn fake and evil I cannot."

She posted a little while later that her previous post was out of concern for Meg:

"Happy for meg but I really hope nicki doesn't try it with her," she said via IG Stories. "The girl has had to push thru past loads of obstacles to get to this level...... I really pray that Nicki is not up to the evil sagittarian sh*t I highly suspect she is.... ugh, sis is really the worst."