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Rapper Azealia Banks startled her fans after she hopped onto her live feed and gave out her address, begging fans to come to her home in Southern California home after her neighbor allegedly pulled a gun on her.

"This is the second time my neighbor pulled a gun on me," and emotional Banks told her viewers. "I gotta call the cops, and I know the cops are gonna’ take his side. Please come to my house!"

The rapper seemed legitimately frightened, and fans did turn up to help her as did the cops.

The rapper later hopped back on her social media to thank her fans for their support:

"Guns are scary as f*ck but I need to calm down and understand that people who brandish weapons won’t really shoot them," she wrote via her Instagram Story. "What kind of man pulls out a gun to intimidate a single woman who lives alone???? F*cking yuck.

"Love ya’ll, thanks to everyone who came to check on me and everyone for being super vigilant about this. I’m leaving here tomorrow but I felt it was important to make my whereabouts public incase this crazy guy decided on anything strange. I am okay. A bit traumatized, but okay. I love you all."