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Azealia Banks is at it again - this time she has Lizzo in her crosshairs and is claiming that the singer is "making a fool of herself" for White America, calling her a "fat black wide eyed mammy!'

The news came after Lizzo made history becoming one of only six female rappers to reach the Billboard No.1 spot.

"Lmao the fact that the public and the media has been keeping this fat girl joke going for so long is honestly peak boredom. The song is not good, nor is the dumpy fat girl spectacle live set she does. Saddest bit is that the girl is legit talented and truly only being allowed to shine so long as she allows herself to be this millennial mammy of sorts," Azealia spewed.

"Like illiterate Cardi then fat Lizzo. They are really choosing the worst of the black womens crop to advertise America with," she wrote. 

"I guess they saw us moving too fast with it because if you realize, after Beyoncé became political in ways they didn't like the elite stopped giving her that top top spot and started cycling out these lessers like Cardi and Lizzo (even Lil Nas X trash ass buckbreak mountain anthem) giving them Beyoncé level accolades while both being no where near the level of black female excellence she is."

She went even further: "She knows white America loves itself a fat black wide eyed mammy and she's playing directly into it."

Azealia has posed for Playboy, admitted to both bleaching her skin and selling bleaching products - but Lizzo is the fool?