Azealia Banks: Kanye West Is A Closeted Homosexual!!


Azealia Banks, a member of the LGBTQ community -- is claiming that Kanye West was a "closeted homosexual."

"Maybe the fact that a lot of those mothers did not want to abort their child, you know? Maybe due to f*cking systematic races and you know, you can't make an equality," she posted on Instagram Stories.

"Maybe they had to give their babies up. Maybe there were a lot of tears that the women had to cry, you know. You ever stop to think about that, muthaf*cka? No, because you don't have a f*cking bipolar disorder n*gga. You're a closeted homosexual."

Her words come just days after he shaved her hair bald. Banks says the experience was liberating.

"I'm sitting here thinking that was the most rejuvenating thing I've ever felt in my life," Banks said. "I'm about to be bald for f*cking ever. That was the best shower I've ever taken in my f*cking life."