Azealia Banks was not impressed by Offset crashing Cardi B's Rolling Loud set and hopped onto Instagram stories to air her views.

Banks has never been one to mind her own business. Love her or hate her, she speaks her mind, and she wasn't feeling the Migos rapper's "romantic" gesture.

"I think it's messed up that men think it's okay to desecrate her workspace with their opinions of what she should be doing. No clue why think it's okay to just barge in on women when they feel like it.[...]

"If it were the other way around they would be bashing the woman saying she's no good, calling her a hoe etc etc...but since it's the man they expect it to be accepted as part of his hip-hop persona and everyone will rush to defend them."

She's right. If the table were turned people would not be so sympathetic. But the last thing Cardi needs is yet another celeb bashing Offset, she seems confused as it is.

See the Instagram posts below.