Azealia Banks Flaunts Skull Of 6-Yr-Old Online

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Azealia Banks' social media posts keep getting more and more disturbing.

Earlier this month, she raised eyebrows after she dug up her cat. It seems that the rapper was cooking the dead cat, but instead, she claims she dug up the corpse because she was moving house and wanted to take it with her.

This week, Azealia has people shocked after she revealed she owns the skull of a dead six-year-old girl.


"There are lots of scientific research websites where you can actually buy human skulls like this one," she said during the interview, seemingly holding up a skull for Kyle and Jackie O. "I bought it from the and this is actually the skull of a six-year-old girl who died from head trauma," she said after she was asked how she came to be in possession of the skull.

"I love bones… I respect the afterlife.. I think that the bone is where the energy holds for a person," she replied.

Creepy much?