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Azealia Banks claimed that she was asked to leave her flight after a flight attendant lied on her.

Banks was boarding a flight from, London to Dublin where she was scheduled to perform, when she allegedly got into an altercation with the female flight attendant.

She then took to her Instagram stories to share the incident with fans, where she was evidently emotional and sobbed gently as she recounted her version of events:

“It’s like every time I come into the U.K. there’s always some f*cking sh*t with these airline people. They’re always starting sh*t with me."

Banks claimed that the attendant began to quiz her and when she didn't respond accordingly, she told the captain lies about her to get her kicked off the flight.

"I was trying to find my passport and I didn't have the answers and she was staring at me. I said don't stare at me.

“I’m like ‘Girl, don’t stare at me. I didn’t fill out your Aer Lingus work application. She … lies and says that I said like, ‘Oh, like, don’t stare at me, I’ll sort you out. What are you f*cking talking about? I’m from New York City, I don’t say sh*t like that … I don’t even use that kind of slang.”

She added: "I’ve worked too hard in my life to be cornered by some ugly Irish b*tch. They are ugly Irish women here.”

A spokesperson for the airline said: 

"Aer Lingus can confirm that two guests scheduled to fly on 10:55 GMT flight from London Gatwick to Dublin (EI233) this morning disembarked themselves prior to departure.

"The guests in question got off the plane safely of their own accord.

"Aer Lingus has a strict no-tolerance policy towards disruptive guest behaviour. The safety and security of our guests and crew remains our first priority."

Watch the clip below.