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Female rapper and known social media troll Azealia Banks has come out and told fans that she placed a voodoo curse on actress/singer Skai Jackson. And according to Azealia, ever since she cursed the former Disney star, Skai's career has been in a tailspin.

The beef between the two artists started three years ago, when Skai Jackson brutally roasted Azealia Banks. At the time, Azealia was just starting to troll folks on social media. 

Here's some of what Skai said about Azealia:


Well afterward, it was reported that Azealia - who is very active in Santeria and Black Magic - placed a curse on Skai. The curse was meant to stall Skai's career, which was on an upward trajectory three years ago,.

This morning, Azealia took to Twitter to remind folks that it was HER curse, that stalled Skai's career. This is what she wrote:

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In 2017, Azealia accepted a plea deal after an incident in which she bit a New York City bouncer on the breast and spat on her. In 2016, she claimed that the actor Russell Crowe assaulted her during a party in a Beverly Hills hotel room. Prosecutors dropped the case after other partygoers told police that they had witnessed Banks threaten to attack a woman with broken glass. In 2015, she was removed from a Delta flight after calling an attendant a “fucking f*ggot”. A year later, she called Zayn Malik a “curry-scented b*tch”, and asked for Sarah Palin to be gangbanged.