Azealia Banks: Busta Rhymes Sexually Assaulted My Boyfriend!! (WTF???)

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Yesterday female rapper Azealia Banks went viral, after she made an explosive allegation about Dave Chapelle. But during that same rant, she made an even more EXPLOSIVE allegation against legendary hip[ hop star Busta Rhymes.

MTO News has learned that Azealia is accusing Busta Rhymes of sexually assaulting her boyfriend. She says that Busta inappropriately grabbed her boyfriend's butt.


Azaelia told her fans, "You know Mike, that n*gga that I used to go out with? [Busta] was touching his ass in the club."

"Matter of fact, everybody practice social distancing around Busta Rhymes in the club, because he's an ass toucher," Azealia added.

Watch, starting at 2:00:

Azealia and Busta have been publicly beefing for weeks. Azealia leaked a track with Busta's voice on it, and Busta's team immediately shut it down. Busta claims that he never agreed to collaborate with the female rapper.

But Azealia claims that the she and Busta agreed to do the collaboration long ago - and she's furious that he's refusing to release the track.