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Azealia Banks has just released a new single "Playhouse" and to help promote the single, Banks has bared all for the gram.

Well, almost, she does have a thong on.

On the single's cover art, Banks appears to be completely nude with nothing but a fur wrapped around her shoulders, gazing seductively into the camera.

In another picture, she is seen poking her booty out towards the camera, revealing her black, skimpy panties.

In the last picture, she is seen applying makeup into her bathroom mirror where she is in fact, completely naked except for a blue towel wrapped around her head. Heart emoji's cover her nipples in the steamy bathroom.

Azealia has had a lot of backlash over her looks. She has admitted to bleaching her skin and some have speculated that she has even gone under the knife. But that has not affected her rap skills.

Take a listen to "Playhouse" below.