Azealia Banks Asks Ice Cube To Help Her Retrieve 'Stolen' Royalties From BIG3 Co-Founder

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Azealia Banks took to social media to ask West Coast legend Ice cube to help her get her "stolen" royalties back from his white BIG 3 co-founder, Jeff Kwatinetz, who she was signed to when she first broke out into the mainstream.

Banks used to be signed to Kwatinetz's Prospect Park company.

"Hi @icecube. This is Azealia Banks. thanks for this nod to my new single 'Black Madonna ft Lex Luger' on all platforms now. Your white manager Jeff Kwatinetz has stolen all of the royalties from my debut album and I was wondering if you could use your influence to get them for me?" she wrote.

"I worked very hard on that album and Jeff wasn't the person who paid for its production. Universal did. Jeff purposely released an uncleared record acting as Manager & Label and has screwed me out of millions of dollar," she continued.

Cube is yet to respond to her request.