Ayesha Curry is back in the news today, this time for bashing the Black community - and saying that she was never accepted by Black people in America.

Ayesha appeared yesterday on the talk show The View, and half way through her interview, she started bashing Black people.

Ana Navarro asked NBA star Steph Curry's wife about growing up in Toronto and her being Jamaican/Chinese/Polish and Black.

She said that in Toronto people looked at her as Black but when she moved to North Carolina at age 14, things changed. Ayesha claims the Black community forced her to choose "Blackness" over her other ethnicities, and she felt uncomfortable.

According to Ayesha, she was not accepted by the Black community, and so she had to spend her teen years around many non-Black friends..

She told the View hosts that she wants the Black community to "accept all shades".

Many people on social media are taking offense to Ayesha's comments, saying that "light skinned" and biracial Blacks typically enjoy special "elite" status in the Black community. And they have trouble believing what Ayesha is saying.

The chef and entrepreneur discussed her difficulty fitting in while growing up with a diverse heritage on "The View" Friday morning. Her mother, Carol Alexander, is of Jamaican-Chinese descent while her father, John Alexander, is of African American and Polish descent. When she moved to the U.S. from Canada as a teenager with four different backgrounds to identify with, she was confronted by classmates who labeled each other more than she was used to when she lived in Toronto, she said.

Here's her on The View: