Ayesha Curry Sued For $10 Million By Branding Company

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Ayesha Curry, the wife of NBA star Stephen Curry, is reportedly being sued for a massive $10 million by a company she hired to help increase her visibility and branding.

According to TMZ Sports, Robert Flutie, the owner of Flutie Entertainment, said in the suit that Curry "expressed dreams of building herself into a global brand" and signed a contract in November 2014. He then alleges that Curry moved on from them in May 2019 and that she "allegedly tried to cut them out of all profits and ownership equity of things she created during her time as a Flutie client."

Curry has made a name for herself as a celebrity chef and had her own show on Food Network, Ayesha's Home Kitchen. She also featured as the host for The Great American Baking Show for one season and has several books and even some cookware lines.

Flutie wants 50 percent of Curry's production company and a stake in her Homemade line of commercial products.