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Ayesha Curry, the "ride or die" wife of Golden State Warriors’ superstar Steph Curry, says that she puts her husband's needs before their children. She's an entrepreneur, a Covergirl, and a devoted wife and mother. 

But now, in an interview with, Ayesha opens up about how she’s been able to maintain her 10 year relationship with the NBA superstar.

And the secret to her marriage is being panned as "controversial" to many.

Ayesha told the website that her parents and in-laws gave her the best advice on how to keep the fire burning in their relationship - always put their relationship first.

“The biggest thing, both of our parents are still married and have been married for 30-plus years, and the one thing that they both shared with us - some through learning it the hard way, some through just making sure that they do it - is just making sure that we put each other first, even before the kids, as tough as that sounds,” Curry shared. 

Putting ourselves first, and making sure that we make time for date nights and for each other,” Curry added of the couple’s almost-eight year marriage. “That’s been very important, as hard as it is.


On July 30, 2011, Ayesha married Stephen Curry. The two met in a church youth group in Charlotte when they were 15 and 14 years old. Together, they have three children, daughters Riley Elizabeth (b. July 19, 2012) and Ryan Carson (b. July 10, 2015), and son Canon W. Jack (b. July 2, 2018). They currently reside in Alamo, California.