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Ayesha Curry is going viral again - this time for "struggle" dancing at the opening of her new restaurant. Ayesha was attempting to do the Millie Rock dance, and Twitter let her have it.

Ayesha was excited to open the fourth restaurant, of her micro-chain of restaurants International Smoke. The newest location, In Del Mar, California was a huge accomplishment for the wife/entrepreneur.

So she celebrated the restaurant opening with a little Millie Rock.

Here's video of Ayesha struggling to do the popular dance:

Almost immediately, the haters came out on Twitter, to drag Ayesha for her poor dancing ability and many of the comments were vicious.

In fact, the Twitter insults got so bad, that Ayesha's husband - NBA superstar Steph Curry - had to go on social media to defend his wife.

Here's the NBA star's response:

“Slow news day I see, huh? Just make sure y’all send me the videos of you dancing at your own restaurant opening,” Steph said in a video on his Instagram story. “We gonna keep Milly Rocking till that happens.”

Critics chastised Ayesha’s moves earlier this week after the mother of three mimicked a dance originated by rapper 2 Milly.

“She did #NOT,” one follower griped.

“Hell to the no,” another commenter tweeted.

“When do we get stop watching this lady? Curry look like he’s at church and ready to leave?” a follower posted.

While Ayesha, 30, appeared to be embarrassed by Steph’s video, jokingly stating, “I hate you,” she’s certainly getting the last laugh where her bottom line is concerned. On Friday, the fourth International Smoke restaurant will open its doors in Del Mar, California.