Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA star Steph Curry, was at the BET Awards last night in Los Angeles. She wasn't at the event with her husband, and she noticeably was not wearing her wedding ring.

And people are whispering.

Ayesha made national news last month when she complained to Jada Pinkett Smith on her show Red Table Talk, that she wanted more male attention - from men other than her husband.

At the time, Ayesha's comments seemed innocent. But after last night . . . it has people wondering whether Ayesha was trying to tell us something.

Ayesha showed up to the event wearing a gorgeous short dress, which showed a fair amount of cleavage. You'll recall that Steph's wife also disclosed during Jada's show that she recently got new breast implants.

Here are pics of Ayesha, and the ring - not her wedding ring- that she wore on her finger:


And here's the pic of Ayesha last year, wearing both her wedding and engagement rings:


In case you're wondering, Steph is currently traveling by himself in Asia.

Ayesha Curry fell under fire after she said on Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk” that she's felt self-doubt during her marriage to an NBA star in Steph Curry. She received heavy criticism and support, some of which came from Steph Curry.

USA Today asked Steph Curry if women face a tougher time on social media.

That’s a tough question. Everybody in some way, shape or form has dealt with some type of criticism or people calling you out or not agreeing with you. Ayesha knows that as part of people caring about what she said, that (some) people are going to try to take stuff out of context and flip her words on their head. If anybody cared to get the full context and hear what she had to say, their reaction might be different.”