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HORRIFIC MURDER: Arizona Mom Allegedly MURDERS Her THREE Kids . . . 'DISMEMBERS Their Bodies' . . . Then Attempts SUICIDE! (PICS Of The The Beautiful BOYS . . . R.I.P.)

Author: is learning of this terrible news. According to Phoenix police, 29-year-old Octavia Rogers was involved in a triple homicide. Police say that she stabbed her three children to death. Police confirm that the children were partially dismembered.

The Phoenix officer in charge of the scene, Sgt. Trent Crump said Octavia was acting irrationally when her brother arrived home around 12:30 a.m. Thursday. She then locked him in the garage.

Octavia's brother managed to break out and noticed that she had MULTIPLE stab wounds over her body. The brother added Octavia reportedly told him that “she is stabbing her abdomen because she is pregnant.” Police have not verified the pregnancy at this point.

The brother managed to call police who arrived and entered Octavia's home where they found a HORROR SCENE. Police say that Octavia killed her three sons, ages 8, 5 and approximately 2 months old. Sgt Crump said the officers found the older boys in a bedroom closet and later located the baby, who had been “stuffed into a case.” They all had been stabbed multiple times, and at least one of the bodies was "dismembered."

Octavia is being charged with homicide, but she is being mentally evaluated.

Here's the 5 year old that was killed:

Here's the 8 year old:

Here is the 2 month old: