Australian Cartoonist Makes RACIST Serena Cartoon . . . Look At More 'RACIST' Art From Him!

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An Australian newspaper The Herald Sun is catching A LOT of heat over a RACIST Serena Williams cartoon.

The cartoon, which was drawn by Mark Knight shows a Jim Crow-esque Serena stomping on her racket.

The cartoon has been blasted by athletes and celebs including J.K. Rowling who said, "Well done on reducing one of the greatest sportswomen alive to racist and sexist tropes and turning a second great sportswoman into a faceless prop."

ESPN's Jemele Hill noted the racism is "About as subtle as Fran Drescher’s voice."

The cartoonist is known for using racist stereotypes on Black subjects. Here's a cartoon where he draws Serena:

In the cartoon, Williams is depicted with an exaggerated face and body, jumping on her smashed racket with a pacifier nearby. In the background, a blond opponent who may or may not represent Osaka faces a chair umpire who pleads: “Can you just let her win?”

Here's how he drew Bishop Michael Curry at Princess Meghan's wedding :

And some more cartoons that people are calling "racist"

“Don’t bring gender into it when it’s all about behavior,” Knight tweeted after scores of social media users argued that his sketch was racist and sexist.

To attempt to prove his point, he posted a previous cartoon about male player Nick Kyrgios receiving a “pep talk” after appearing “sulky” during the tournament. That cartoon hardly helps his claims of gender neutrality, however: It shows a male tennis official speaking to Kyrgios, but the official in the next panel, holding Kyrgios by the ear, is a woman.