Janet Hubert made a series of statements on social media that sparked new rumors - that Will Smith may have gotten her pregnant, while they were filming the 1990s show Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. 

Janet Hubert made a bunch of blockbuster claims during a video that she posted on social media. As you know, Janet and Will have been having a war of words for years.

Janet was fired from the Fresh Prince in 1993, after three seasons. She had been butting heads with the 20-something star Will Smith, and eventually he got her fired.

Well Janet is giving more details about her falling out with Will, and she claims that her continued bitterness towards him has to do with her son. 

And as a result of Janet's words, people online are speculating that Will could be her son's father.

Janet went on a 15 minute rant, during which she explained what Will did to her son. During the video Janet said:

You left me with a child and no hope. We were broke, we were penniless. we were homeless.

Janet did not specifically in the video state that Will Smith is her son's father. But the online speculation has TAKEN OFF ever since the video was posted.

The video now has more than 3 million views and 10,000 comments. Many of the comments are people speculating whether Will is her son's father.

Janet left the show in 1993, when Will was 25 years old. In the same year, Janet had her son. One year after Janet's son was born, Janet was divorced from her husband.