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August Alsina: Will Smith DID Give Me His Blessing!!

August Alsina is continuing to spill the tea about his "entanglement" with Jada Pinkett Smith -- and he insists that Will Smith did give him permission to date his wife.

"I sat and had a conversation. As two men, we had a conversation. That's what it was. Because of the narrative that was painted believe that I'm speaking about this because I'm salty they ended up getting back together. That's never been the case. They weren't seeing each other in that way but still love and respect each other as family. We sat down as two men like, yo boom, you have my love, you have my blessing. That's the situation as a whole," he said on Young Money Radio.

He added, "It's complicated because I don't want to be the person to cause confusion in nobody's world. But when something is coming down in my world, I'm ready to be honest. Nobody is a bad person here, not him, not her, not anybody. I have love for everybody."

Alsina recently dropped his new single, "Entanglements."