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R&B superstar August Alsina nearly broke the Internet when he confirmed what many suspected—that he and Will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett had an affair.

But MTO News cannot confirm August's claims that Will Smith gave him "permission" to sleep with his wife.

Now it appears that August leaked text messages between himself and Jada Pinkett - showing their messy breakup. The two split up last year, and if we're to believe the text messages - Jada was jealous and suspected August had a side piece.

The leak took place last year - and August did it very publicly, in a music video for his song Nunya business.

In the song, August was breaking up with his ex - a woman named "Koren." Koren is Jada Pinkett's middle name. Also, August tells "Koren" that she's just an actress, and posts a GIF of Jada in the video.

He was clearly trying to hint at their relationship - and its end last year.