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August Alsina 'Befriends' Beyonce ... At Time Her Marriage Was Falling Apart!!


The August Alsina drama seems to be continuing and getting more interesting.

According to an ABC News online report from years ago, MTO News has learned that August Alsina and Beyonce became friends in 2014 - at the peak of her marital problem with her husband Jay Z. Jay Z has admitted to cheating on Beyonce - and that their marriage nearly ended.

Now there's growing speculation on social media that while Beyonce was putting up with her husband's shenanigans, whether she may have gotten into an "entanglement" or her own with August.

Here's a pic of August hanging out with Bey.


So how did the two meet? Well MTO News learned that it was Beyonce who initiated their first conversation. 

Listen to how that August describes how Beyonce pressed up on him at a concert:

"Beyonce was one of the people that I was like, 'Man I'd like to meet Beyonce,' and then it happened so randomly, I went to a concert with Jeezy, everybody was drinking and I went to the back and I was looking down at my phone and I guess I just didn't see her, because she was sitting to the side and she was like, 'Well... hello!' And I said, 'Oh excuse the hell out of me, I'm sorry miss lady. How are you doing?'"

August adds that he was surprised that Beyonce even recognized him. "It is cool to actually know that these people know who you are and they're aware of your movement. So it was cool that they knew my music, or knew what I've done and respected it enough to say, 'Hey man, we're going to the club, are you coming or not?'

The article, by ABC News suggests that August went to the club with Beyonce and her crew, which included Jay Z. From then on, Bey and August were considered friends.