TMZ has released audio of last month’s Beverly Hills shooting just minutes after the shooting occurred.

If you recall, Tekashi was there to shoot a video with both Nicki Minaj and Kanye West, but it all went awry when shots were fired, seemingly targeting the DUMMY BOY rapper.

At the time, West was already on set but Nicki Minaj had not yet arrived, not that we're surprised. She is always late arriving for her own Queen Radio show.

6ix9ine can be heard sounding afraid and doesn't even want to be ID'd.

“They know I’m in here, right?... Goddamn, get out of the car.”

He turns down the ID, saying: “ID me? I can’t. I’m on probation. I can’t …Tell them I’m not here.” The usual bravado-fueled, braggadocio rapper sounds surprisingly meek and genuinely in fear for his life.

Listen to the audio clip below.

Since the shooting, 6ix9ine has been arrested on RICO charges and is looking at some serious time. His trial is set for Sept. 4, 2019.