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Aubrey O’Day Is SNITCHING SOME MORE . . . Now She’s Claiming . .. That She USED TO F*CK DIDDY!!!!


The NY Post’s Page Six just ran a piece today – that strongly suggests that Aubrey O’Day had a relationship with Diddy.
Here’s what Page Six is reporting:

O’Day, the Danity Kane singer, appeared on podcast “Risk!” in 2012 telling the audience that her paramour was “a big celebrity,” but she couldn’t reveal his name because “I’ll be sued up the ass.”

O’Day said that while “filming a show” (not specifying which show) she caught the eye of a star and that after she had performed on the finale episode, “I was walking through the hallways and got pulled into this bathroom, and he threw me up against the wall and looked at me for two seconds and then we started making out like crazy.”

O’Day said that “he goes to rip off my dress and . . . he’s like ‘Holy f - - k — I’ve never seen Spanx that big in my life!’ ” She went on to explain that she and the mystery man began a relationship — which included phone sex and Skype sex — and he affectionately called her Spanky because of her choice of undergarments.

But the singer added that she began to have self-esteem problems in the relationship because, “Like, I think I’m great, but he hangs out with, like, Victoria’s Secret models, he’s at dinner with huge celebrities, he runs with the biggest agents and managers and like, he’s the s - - t. So I can’t really trust this person. We’re from different worlds.”

The affair eventually ended because she caught him in bed with someone else, she claimed.

O’Day has also appeared on “Making the Band” a reality show starring Diddy