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It's no secret that Aubrey O'Day has had multiple plastic surgery operations to change her appearance. But her latest procedure is by far the most extreme.

The former Danity Kane singer revealed her new face on Instagram yesterday - and it has her fans stunned. She's currently going viral all over social media because she looks completely different. 

Completely . . . 

Here's what she looks like now:


Aubrey was recently in the news because the singer claimed an American Airlines flight attendant forced her to remove her shirt in public and turn it inside out because he “didn’t like” it.

The former Danity Kane singer, 35, blasted the airline on Twitter Thursday, writing, “never have I flown & had the steward treat me like a punished lil child in timeout the entire flight.. including making me undress in front of the entire plane because he didn’t like my shirt & made me turn inside out in order to fly.”

Aubrey is a singer-songwriter and reality television personality, best known for being a member of the girl group Danity Kane. Aubrey was fired from the group in 2008, by the group's founder Sean :Diddy: Combs. But she eventually reunited with 2 other members of the group in 2018. She has also performed in the duo Dumblonde with former Danity Kane bandmate Shannon Bex.

Aubrey has modeled for magazines such as Blender and Playboy, and performed on Broadway in Hairspray. 

More recently, Aubrey has made appearances on reality television shows, including the fifth season of Celebrity Apprentice, Famously Single on the E! Network, Ex on the Beach, and she placed fifth on Celebrity Big Brother 18.