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Celebrity Apprentice alum Aubrey O'Day has denied that she ever had an affair with son of the president, Donald Trump Jr.

"I can only speak from my experience, I don't want to speak on Don's or anyone in his life, but marriage is not the same thing when you have billions of dollars and when you don't," she said on the premiere of Ex On The Beach. "On my end, I never broke up a marriage, and I never was in an affair."

But she then called Trump her "soulmate."

"I was in an open relationship where two people are soulmates and in love, and everyone in both of our lives knew about it," she added.

She was asked why she chose to make their relationship public:

"I just spoke about it because I was asked and I'm honest, so I told the truth," she claimed. "That's basically it. Articles and speculation aren't asking me a direct question, so I've never had to address it. But I've never kept it from anyone, nothing's ever been a secret."