Attorney Of Future's Baby Mama Responds To Remarks That She 'Unilaterally Impregnated' Herself

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The attorney of Eliza Reign, the confirmed baby mama of rapper Future, has responded to claims made by the rapper that she impregnated herself.

In legal documents, Future claimed that she had stolen his last name, and when responding, attorney Brandon Rotbart said that he had implied that she had "unilaterally impregnated" herself -- but speaking to XXL, Robart says that he did not mean for those words to be taken so literally.

"The reference to unilaterally impregnating was not a literal reference, obviously," Rotbart said. "But, it was in reference to a claim that Mr. Wilburn had made -- something to the effect of -- that she went off and had this child without his authorization. And again, I'm paraphrasing there, but basically he accused her of having the child and kind of tried to shirk any responsibility for being involved in that. In spite of the fact that they had a two-year sexual relationship."

Since the DNA test confirmed that her daughter Reign was fathered by Future, he has spent his days dogging her out on Twitter -- even calling her "ugly."