The two brothers who are at the center of the Jussie Smollett case have had their attorney speak up on their behalf - and she is claiming that her clients were "betrayed" by Smollett.

"I believe my clients were betrayed," Gloria Schmidt said on CNN's 'AC 360.' Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo had reportedly told authorities that Smollett has paid them to stage the hate crime. Smollett denies the claims and is alleging that he paid them only for their fitness training.

"You have to look at what kind of relationship they had with Mr. Smollett. He's a celebrity. This is somebody who is in a position of power over my clients."

Schmidt added: "We've seen a lot of stories in the news where celebrities think they might be above the law. It's just not the case.

While she agreed that they had been training Smollett and had known him for close to two years.

"The training ... was something that was pre-discussed prior to January 29. It was cashed; it was deposited. ... These are details that came out with my clients fully cooperating with the police," she said.

"You have to look at they were friends and the money did include services for training, but you have to look at it within the context of 'I'm this star and you're someone who I can help and I would like to pay you for something and oh, can you do me this favor.' So was it for training? Was it not for training? I think it's a little bit of both," she said.

"They feel regretful that they put their trust in the wrong person," she added.