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An Atlanta woman is believed to have been raped - and the alleged attack was streamed on Facebook Live.

The incident occurred at Opera nightclub in Atlanta, and the woman in the video appears to be extremely inebriated - some are suggesting that she was either drunk or drugged.

MTO News reached out to the Atlanta Police Department, who responded with the following statement:

“Early Sunday morning, APD began receiving calls about a Facebook Live video that appears to show a woman being sexually assaulted in a local nightclub. Our Special Victims Unit made contact with the victim today, and an investigation into the matter has been opened. The investigation continues.”

The woman - who is being called "Jasmine" on social media - is seen on a Facebook Live video, asking viewers to help her in the disturbing video. The video shows a man behind her, and many believe that he is s*xually assaulting her.

The alleged victim can be heard screaming for help, and begging the man to stop as others in the club continue to dance, watch and even record the incident. 

The woman appears so intoxicated that she seems incapable of fending off the man.

We are including the video, which is disturbing - also warning may trigger bad memories